Conflict management

Conflict is natural and unavoidable in collaboration‚ as it is our lack of knowledge about conflicts that makes them undesirable and dangerous.

conflict management is a part of the mediation process which leads to conflict resolution. It stops conflicts from escalating whilst returning discussions to normalised business levels.

mediationcenter recognises that conflict is a natural and unavoidable part of business negotiation. conflict can be healthy when effectively managed and lead to innovation and a stronger business model. It is poor communication, misconception and misunderstanding which escalates conflict to undesirable levels.

Managing conflict allows the mediation process to bring clarity to a dispute, so that ideas and concepts can be freely expressed in a healthy impartial environment.

conflict management helps businesses re-focus on corporate values and corporate goals. It provides an environment where ideas and concepts can be openly expressed without misunderstanding and hostility.

Each individual and every business is motivated by a different definition of success, so every conflict management solution requires an individually tailored strategy.

Business conflicts may be internal, external or part of collaboration with a business partner. In all situations, conflict management is a key part in a successfully mediated settlement.

conflict management is designed to avoid the necessity of litigation and offers a much more attractive basis for resolving a dispute.