About mediationcenter

mediationcenter was established in 2000 by Tina Monberg. Tina Monberg is a lawyer and qualified psychotherapist. She was educated as a mediator by Professor Frank E. A. Sander of Harvard Law School and in win-win negotiation by Professor Robert H. Mnookin of Harvard Law School. She has previously run her own law firm and worked as a corporate lawyer, but now functions as a mediator, coach and teacher, working at mediationcenter a/s and mediationcenter ltd.  Tina has specialized in preventing, handling, and solving business conflicts in an interest-based way, so that from a conflict, no one comes out as a loser. In relation to this, she has created a conflict management concept, which has been implemented into a number of Danish organisations. She has worked together with The Danish Bar Association to help implement mediation into Denmark. Tina wrote the books “Two Winners – Mediation as Positive Conflict Resolution” and “Handbook of Human Conflict Technology” and has co-written several management books.

mediationcenter provides conflict mediation and develops strategies to bring solutions to a wide range of disagreements and disputes.

The aim is to transform the conflict by bringing renewed energy and

cooperation to the dialogue and create an environment, where mutual interests are recognised. It is a process, which aligns all parties for a positive outcome.

mediationcenter believes that this is only possible with a complete understanding of the human elements involved, where relations can be preserved and ideally improved.

The key points of mediationcenter’s philosophy are:

  • Human nature is fundamentally good.
  • The best results are obtained when all interests – individual and group – are attended to.
  • Conflict and cooperation are not mutually exclusive entities, but parts of the same process.
  • Growth is only created in the presence of cooperation and shared interests, not through fear.

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