about mediation

Mediation is a process which solves conflicts with a structured but open dialogue.

When in conflict, parties tend not to communicate effectively. Poor communication can cause conflict to escalate. Part of the mediation process is to re-open a dialogue through which positive ideas can flow.

All parties are encouraged to express themselves in a carefully monitored environment. When all needs and interests have been made clear and understood, constructive and controlled collaboration can begin. The result is an agreement which best serves all interests.

A mediator is an impartial third party who helps and supports the other parties in this process.

Mediation can be used in numerous situations where disagreement has escalated into conflict.

mediationcenter can use its experience to assist:

  • Small business and partnerships
  • Large multi-national organisations
  • Professional institutions and trade associations
  • Private individuals in domestic life

Whether for business or private disputes, the process of mediation has a positive influence on conflict, turning confrontation into collaboration and opposition into agreement.

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